Hundred Years Stories

The Hundred Year Stories Platform invites you to touch history, to discover the past along with the present, and to experience our city and all its unique and delicious stories.

With stories that will help you reminisce, unforgettable trajectories of delight, hints about historical brands, secrets of the city and daily suggestions, our easy-to-access platform will grip you and win over your hearts.

This platform will allow you to:
Get to know our century-old brands and their stories;

Find them on our map of historical brands;

Discover places of special interest thanks to our mobile application;

Create your own course of discovery;

Learn about and research the commercial and cultural pasts of our century-old brands

thanks to our archive project; and

Enjoy century-old information and stories in the Experience section.

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The Hundred Year Stories Platform is a project sponsored by the İstanbul Development Agency, and created and managed by the Hundred Year Brands Association. The aim of this project is to present information and content about our century-old brands and their stories to domestic and international tourists, explorers, and all other interested parties.

The Hundred Year Stories Project will continue to grow with the addition of new content based on both users’ experiences and new research.

The Hundred Year Stories Digital Platform is part of the “Century-old Brands Digital Platform Project” sponsored by the İstanbul Development Agency. The Century-old Brands Association is solely responsible for its contents, which do not necessarily represent the views of the İstanbul Development Agency or the Ministry of Development.

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