Şehzade Mehmet Complex


The Şehzade Mehmet Complex located in the neigborhood of Şehzadebaşı, in the district of Eminönü, was commissioned by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificient, for a son who died at a young age. The mosque’s construction, which was carried out by the great classical Ottoman architect Sinan, began in 1543. The complex is made up of five structures: The Şehzade mosque, the Şehzade Mehmet tomb, the Tabhane(winter quarters), the Rüstem paşa tomb and a madrassa.

The tomb of Şehzade Mehmet, which was completed before the mosque itself, is acknowledged as one of the best examples of Ottoman funerary architecture. The tomb also contains the graves of Şehzade Mehmet’s brother Cihangir, who also died at a ypung age, his daughter Hümuşah and those of three other unidentified individuals. An ottoman primary school and Tanhane, which was used tıo house the mosques quest are found in the outer courtyard of the madrasa, built between 1546-1547.


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