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Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is the most important address of the gained experience and information in the light of Turkish economy since its foundation in 1882. It deeply impressed the trade life, in not only our country but also in region countries through its strong organization and substantial corporate memory.

Today, we strongly advance to the future with over 380 thousand members, 81 professional committees delegating all sectors, and 248 assembly members. Besides, ICOC with its strong background is the biggest representative of Istanbul; which is capital of civilizations, and its global economic size. Our Chamber being the biggest business world organization of Istanbul which performs more than half of the export and constitutes 43% of the total budget of Turkey, is an opportunity door opening to the world. ICOC which is the biggest Chamber of Europe and the 5th biggest Chamber of the world, is one of the most important trade bridges between Turkish and world bussiness life in the terms of its facilities and services. Our Chamber welcomes many foreign committees every year to realize potential; take its place in fair organizations all around the World to enlarge our export market; organizes visits to foreign countries. ICOC with its over 500 employees; gives consulting services to Turkish and foreign businessmen.

In conclusion, we promote the opportunities of Turkey which is the 17th biggest economy of the world. Today, Turkey with its good quality products and services, has strong links all over the world. In this concept; Turkish private sector invests in new markets year after year, establishes bussiness connections. On the other side, it sustains to be the most attractive investment platform for foreign capital. Turkey through its political power and growth performance taking attention of the world, appears in first lines of investors and bussinessmen.

A Timeline of the ICOC’s History

1880 The Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce was founded.

1882 January 14 th- The Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce started to operate after the first meeting at Mehmet Ali Pasha Business Center in Galata.

1884 The Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce Journal was published.

1889 Chambers of Commerce were converted to the Chambers of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry as of March 11th. The Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce operated under the name of “The Dersaadet Commerce , Agriculture, Industry Chamber” until 1910 after having gained Agriculture and Industry functions.

1910 By regulations adopted on June 13 th, chambers were separated again as Chambers of Commerce and Industry Chambers and Agriculture Chambers.
The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded.

1912 The Chamber Journal was published under the name of the Dersaadet Chamber of Commerce and Industry Journal.

1924 The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry Journal was published (in Ottoman Turkish and French).

1925 Regulation of Chamber of Commerceand Industry was adopted. Chambers were entitled with legal entity and membership to the chambers became obligatory.
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was moved in 4. Foundation Inn.

1926 First Assembly election of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held.

1927 Istanbul Chamber of Commerce became the member of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Industry Journal was published in Turkish-French alphabets. (Some articles were published in Turkish- English starting from 1954).

1928 Price Indexes were published for the first time. They were also listed among the United Nations’ publications.

1937 Craftsman Dispensary established.

1943 The Law on Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chambers of the Self Employed and Trade Exchanges came into force.

1948 Participated to the OEEC, which was the base of the OECD.

1963 Economic Development Foundation (İKV) was founded.

1977 ICOC Tax-Payer Award application started.

1980 Membership to the Association of World Trade Centers.
v Consumer Complaints Desk was established.

1981 First issue of the annual Economic Report having Turkish and English publication every year, was published.

1982 The Istanbul World Trade Center Inc. was founded.

1990 Subcontracting Exchange Office was established.

1993 Membership to the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME).

1994 ICOC Education and Social Functions was founded.

Multi-purpose social facilities opened in Kandilli.
IWTC Exhibition Building was opened.
Kadıkoy Branch Office started its activities.

1995 The Project of Registration Archive started to be kept in Electronic Platform.

1996 The Istanbul Trade Registry Directorate joined the Chamber.

1997 Perpa ve İstoç Branch Offices were opened.

1999 ISO-9001 Quality Assurance certification was received and Total Quality Management started.

2000 2. degree historical building in Eminönü district was renovated to serve as the new Office building.
Yenibosna Branch Office was opened.

2001 The Istanbul Commerce Universtiy was founded and started its academic life.

2002 ICOC was accredited as the Best Chamber in Europe under the Accreditation Project led by Eurochambers (Association of the European Chambers).
Formula 1 Istanbul Project started off.
Istanbul Shopping Fest was launched.

2003 OECD library came into service at ICOC.
ITOVIZYON, magazine of the ICOC, began its publication.
ICOC Vocational Training Center began its acitivities.
ICOC Turkish Subcontracting Exchange received the “Best Service Award” in the Small Enterprises category from the World Chambers Federation.

2004 ICOC Information Line put into service and later its name was changed as “Call Center”
ICOC Information Center was established.
Istanbul was added on the Formula 1 Grand Prix calendar.
The first of “Successful SME” competitions was launched.

2005 The Start Exporting Program started encouraging small enterprises to export.
Formula 1 Grand Prix was held successfully first time in Istanbul.

2007 125th Anniversary of the ICOC was commemorated.

The restoration of Kızlarağası Madrasah was completed.
The Restoration of Rustempasa Madrasah was started.
2008 Agency for 2010 European Culture Capital which ICOC has been represented both on its board and concil was founded.
Turkey participated to Frankfurt Book Fair as “Honor Guest”.
Kucukyali Campus of the Istanbul Commerce University was inaugurated.

2009 The ICOC and the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries signed letter of intent for Teknopark Istnabul.
The restoration of New Mosque Sultan’s Pavilion was completed.

2010 ICOC EU Information Center was inaugurated in coorporation with the Delegation of the EU to Turkey.
In the concept of Teknopark Istanbul Project, the manager company “Teknopark Istanbul Inc.” was founded.
New York State Istanbul and Investment Office was inaugurated.
The restoration of New Mosque Sultan’s Pavilion was awarded to “Europa Nostra”.

2012 8 School which ICOC constructed was inaugurated.
37.751 people was educated through the Project of OZIMEK ( Private Administration Occupational Retraining Program) which is performed by Provincial Directorate of Administration, National Education, and İŞKUR.

2013 The agreement related to application of business visa between ICOC and Sweden Istanbul Consulate General was signed in 16 January 2013.
ICOC, went on to the finals in VIII. World Chambers Competition thro
ugh Istanbul Fashion Workshop in 2013, Qatar in the concept of World Chambers Congress.
In the concept of Human Resources Development Project, ICOC Academy web portal was set up aiming giving service to the SMEs.
The New Mosque Pavilion bringing together history and art restored by ICOC which it is must to be visited by native and foreign tourists having interest in Ottoman History opened its doors to the visitors in first month of Ramadan.

2014 The first round-table conference with the prominent firms of world was done in Brussels.
In the concept of e-ICOC, the ICOC services was started in electronic platform.
ICOC, became the head of Shopping Fest Organization mobilizing all sectors.
The Branch of Credit Guarantee Fund was opened.
The protocol with Turkish Standars Institute was signed.
ICOC Library started giving service efficiently.

2015 The first of ICOC Awards projected to support successes contributing our trade life and to take our economy forward, was organized.
ICOC-Mobil Service Bus serving efficient servies came into action.
Maquette of 96 meter square giant Istanbul, was prepared for MIPIM which is the widest real estate fair organized in Cannes, France.
ICOC Arbitrary Center being the independet artbitrary foundation and applying the arbitration rules, came into action.
The Strategic Activity Plan Workshop of ICOC Construction and Real Estate 2023 was realized.

#oneistanbul competition on Instagram aiming to strengtehen the publicty of Istanbul, was realized.

The first newspaper of ICOC was published in English.

The ICOC Archive holding the trade archive of Istanbul was opened.


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