Ihlamur Pavilions


The Ihlamur Palace (Turkish: İhlamur Kasrı) is an Ottoman summer palace made up of two pavilions in Beşiktaş, which was once a vacation area in the city. Constructed by the Balyan family on the orders of Sultan Abdülmecit, the two pavilions served as a place to rest and to host guests of the Ottoman Sultan and his family.

Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city by its large walls, it is a lovely spot to catch a little peace and quiet as well as soak up its history and architecture.

Today the Merasim Pavilion (Turkish: Merasim Köşkü) is open to visitors as a museum and the Maiyet Pavilion’s interior holds a cafe.


Ihlamur Yolu Beşiktaş 34357 İstanbul