The Religious School (Madrasa) of Cafer Ağa


The Religious School (Madrasa) of Cafer Ağa was commissioned by Cafer Agha, a white eunuch that served in the palace during the reign of Sultan Süleyman I, known to the West as “The Magnificent” and to the Turks as “The Lawgiver.” It was built in 1559 by the great architect Sinan, operated independently, and has been restored several times over the centuries. It houses fifteen rooms (classrooms and exhibition spaces), a large hall, and a relaxing garden, and was converted by the Türk Kültürüne Hizmet Vakfı (Turkish Cultural Service Foundation) in 1989 into a touristic center where traditional Turkish crafts are taught, produced, and sold.


Cankurtaran Mh., 34122 İstanbul
T: 90 212 513 3601